Who We Are

We are a dependable global team of wire harness specialists, focusing on tailored solutions for medium to small-size industrial innovators worldwide. Our expertise spans development, industrialization, production, and life-cycle management, ensuring comprehensive support throughout your journey.

With an unwavering commitment to approachability, reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we stand out as your trusted partner in the industry. Rest assured that our solutions are designed to elevate your success and surpass expectations.


Our specialized team excels in designing cables with exceptional performance tailored to specific applications. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, confined spaces, chemical resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, harsh environments, high-performance flex/torsion, and beyond, we’ve got you covered.


A wide array of cable configurations, ranging from single and multiple conductors to shielded and unshielded, braided, or armored conductors with customized insulation and jacketing to suit your unique requirements. Our expertise extends to crafting hybrid designs that seamlessly integrate a variety of features.

All industries

From bare conductors to specialty cables for various industries such as weighing, automotive, instrumentation, signal transmission, telecom, marine, electronics, and robotics, we are equipped to fulfill your diverse needs.

Local presence

An extraordinary partnership, where a dedicated ally stands by your side, offering locally available support and leveraging strategic manufacturing facilities. We offer you a unique blend of convenience and cost advantages.