What We Offer

Development Services

paving the way for a collaborative pursuit of the finest solutions. Engage in a seamless journey, encompassing the following essential services:

  • Wire Harness Sketches and Parts Lists: Working closely with you to create detailed wire harness sketches and comprehensive parts lists, laying a strong foundation for your project’s success.
  • Essential Drawings and Test Specifications: Designing crucial drawings and test specifications essential to the success of your project, ensuring precision and accuracy in every detail.
  • Tailored Test Programs and Adapters: Developing customized test programs and craft specialized test adapters, streamlining the testing process for maximum efficiency.
  • Testability Analyses: Guiding you towards a robust and effective testing approach, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring top-notch quality.
Wire Harnessing

At the core of our values is a dedication to delivering impeccable solutions for all your wire harness manufacturing needs. Our extensive range of offerings encompasses:

  • Precision cutting and insulation
  • Expert crimping and sealing
  • Braiding of flexes
  • Ultrasound welding of flexes
  • Reliable casting and recasting of splicing and connections
  • Skillful bandaging of flexes and leads
  • Preassembly of individual leads and cables
  • Seamless cable harness mounting on the board
  • Cutting-edge IDC terminal technology

Following strict guidelines, we leave no room for compromise, ensuring flawless one hundred percent quality.

  • Test engineering expertise
  • Meticulous visual control
  • Accurate automatic and visual tests
  • Thorough high-frequency, high-voltage, and temperature tests
Lifecycle management

Count on us to offer end-to-end support, with comprehensive services for your company:

  • Reliable warranty services
  • Swift and efficient spare parts supplies
  • Seamless handling of returns and disposal processes